Hi Darren,
The Stanhope’s wanted to thank you for the ‘Bonus’ day of fishing while we were in Alaska. We had a blast fishing with you!

We plan to return - maybe next year. We would very much enjoy fishing with you again…

— Jim, Ryan & Jamie Stanhope
Just got back from salmon fishing with Darren Nelson. What a great guy...caught so many had to throw some back. He is so knowledgable and worked so hard to make our day special. He sent a cab to pick us up and made arrangements for our return, took care of shipping the catch to California. Cant say enough about this day.
— Dawn Simon via Yelp
I would like to state the following on Captain “D” and his fishing guide service in Ketchikan, Alaska. I have been fishing Alaskan waters for the last twenty years, from Anchorage, Alaska, all the way down to Ketchikan. I have had many guides and they run the spectrum from, very good to not so bad, but Darren Nelson is where I will put all my money from now on, when fishing Alaskan waters! The man is brilliant on teaching you how to fish, when you have a fish, what to do with your rod and on, and on, and on! This man will not talk down to you, but make a FISHERMAN out of you, and man will you have fun learning! Cap’n D Guide Service truly is the premier guide service in all of Alaska, and I’ll be back again in 2015! Thanks “D,” You ROCK!!
— Brian Shields
The fishing trip to Ketchikan was a once in a life-time adventure that we both still talk about. There was not one thing about the WHOLE trip that was anything but OUTSTANDING!!!! I think Mark and would jump at a chance of another fishing trip - - - we shall see. We had a great time due, in no small measure, to your generosity and we will be forever grateful for that wonderful week in Alaska…..

Be well, say “hi” to Cathy and best wishes for the new year in Ketchikan.
— Doc (Henry Blake)
Thank you so much for the time spent with the Mayer family in Alaska. Sebastian, Brett and I are all ecstatic to ramp up next year and “rip some lips”. You were an amazing captain and I look forward to hopefully taking my children up to Ketchikan so you can teach them as well (MANY years down the line). I look forward to seeing you next season.

Best regards,
— Sean D. Mayer